The Video


After a young Black man dies at the hands of police, two individuals clinging to the hope of an alleged video set out to find it and prove it was murder.

The Director

TaNisha Fordham, co-producer of the 2018 Oscar Nominated film, “My Nephew Emmett,” is a writer, director, producer, performer, educator, and creative who, in 2019, was honored to have served as Mrs. New Jersey United States. Additionally, Fordham recently completed a residency with Rutgers University and their Express Newark CMC (filmmakers) Program, as well as a Director’s Intensive with Steven Broadnax III with Roundabout Theater (Broadway).

Fordham has written, directed, and produced over 40 original productions, spanning several mediums, over the past 14 years through her company ( This year she had her feature – documentary, directorial debut, with, “Queen,” which premiered at the Pan-African Film Festival (the largest international festival featuring stories that pan the African diaspora) which later (May 2021) won Most Inspirational Documentary at the International Christian Film Festival in Orlando, Florida. Fordham is super excited about her newest production, “12 Mo’ Angry Men,” (an adaptation of the widely known, “12 Angry Men,” by Reginald Rose) which premiered as the City of Newark’s first ever Theater in the Park production, the cities first city-sponsored theater production of its kind.  Written, directed, produced by and starring Fordham, “12 Mo’ Angry Men,” is also scheduled to be workshopped at the 2021 “Winterfest,” at the Latea Theater of Manhattan, and is also being considered by the Bishop Arts Theater of Dallas, Texas.

Fordham also has strong community ties across the nation. In 2020/21 she served on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee at Bergen County Theater, hosting their first-ever DEI Town Hall. Additionally, in 2020 (immediately before the pandemic) Fordham gladly coordinated a CO-OP with the Pan-African Film and Arts Festival of LA providing students in NJ with the opportunity to travel across the country and work with the festival. Additionally, Fordham recently participated as an ensemble member at The Goodman Theater, of Chicago, in their “InterGens,” program which lifts the voices of a diverse and intergenerational group of creatives.

Fordham has the distinct honor of being an educator, and in addition to her various creative endeavors, Fordham is committed to her theater and film students at Newark Collegiate Academy in Newark, New Jersey where Fordham serves as the Associate Art Director – Fordham considers her work in education to be some of the most sacred work that she is privileged to do.

Tea’s mom: Pam, hubby: Rob, dog: Scoop, and grandparents: Freddie and Monte are her biggest inspirations and Jesus Christ is at the center of all she does.

Fordham would love to continue to build community with diverse communities around the nation and world — she prides herself in being accessible and super eager to connect: |